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  All Categories: Symbian OS >> Communications
  Software titles : 1-25 of  164 found.
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1 - plBeam IrOBEX file transfer utility (1.30)
plBeam is an application enabling exchange of data through infrared port with other palmtops, PCs and a wide range of machines using the IrOBEX standard.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 352 KB
  5/30/2006 Download Now
2 - UltraIM Pro Instant Messenger for MSN (1.04)
Versatile mobile MSN client. Using MSN on your phone like on desktop. Fast response and low network flow. UltraIM Pro is the only mobile IM supports MSN "Display Picture"
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 130 KB
  4/28/2006 Download Now
3 - IM+ for LCS, Series 60 version (1.0.2)
IM+ for LCS is a powerful mobile instant messaging and integrated presence solution for both corporate Microsoft Live Communications Server and public MSN service.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 412 KB
  5/31/2006 Download Now
4 - DesktopMessage for P800 (1.02)
Send and manage SMS on your Sony Ericsson P800 from your desktop PC
License: Shareware    OS: CE
  4/11/2006 Download Now
5 - RoadSync for Series 80 (2.001)
Need a way to stay connected while away from the office? Use RoadSync to get direct, secure and wireless access to your corporate Outlook e-mail with attachments and data.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 545 KB
  5/20/2006 Download Now
6 - SMSReminder for UIQ (1.00)
Never again miss an important SMS! SMSReminder essentially increases the performance of your smartphone!
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 20 KB
  4/18/2006 Download Now
7 - OneMail.ToGo reads MSExchange, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Hotmail and GMail (Symbian Version) (1.5)
OneMail.ToGo reads MSExchange, YahooMail, AOL, MSN, Hotmail, GMail, and WebPage in One Click (Symbian)
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 1 KB
  5/28/2006 Download Now
8 - RoadSync for Symbian UIQ (2.001)
Direct, secure and wireless access to your corporate Outlook e-mail with attachments, calendar and contacts.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 516 KB
  5/14/2006 Download Now
9 - GEORGE BUSH - Character for YOYAPApplication [Ver1.01] (Series 60) (1.01)
YOYAP! Character - GEORGE BUSH ... Gifted in literary wit and infinite global wisdom, fearless leader George W. now takes the bold step to where no politician has gone before!
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 64 KB
  5/24/2006 Download Now
10 - IM+: ICQ/AOL/MSN/Yahoo/Jabber/Google Talk Instant Messenger for Nokia S60, N70, N90 Phones (5.50)
With IM+ ICQ, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Jabber and Google Talks are available on your mobile.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 1.2 MB
  4/26/2006 Download Now
11 - Hide'n'Seek: An innovative call manager (1.0)
An innovative solution that incorporates advanced features for instantaneous call handling to make sure that your phone stays absolutely silent for blacklisted numbers.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 21 KB
  5/31/2006 Download Now
12 - Mobile NewsGrabber (S60) (1.0)
Mobile NewsGrabber is the first newsreader for the Symbian OS. The native c++ application has also an integrated RSS reader.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 64 KB
  6/22/2006 Download Now
13 - iSilo for Symbian Series 60 (4.3)
iSilo(TM) displays HTML formatted and compressed documents. Additional features include links for jumping, bookmarks, searching, copy & paste, and more.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 325 KB
  3/28/2006 Download Now
14 - EzChat (1.00)
Realtime chatting application via bluetooth including the streaming video conference!! Besides offering bluetooth chat, EZChat is streaming images from your VGA camera to your chat
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 61 KB
  6/7/2006 Download Now
15 - FTP800 (1.1)
FTP800 is a FTP Client and File System Manager, specifically designed for the Sony Ericsson P800 Smart Phone
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 88 KB
  6/8/2006 Download Now
16 - E-Mail Sender (1.23)
Helps if you cannot send e-mails from your Nokia phone
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 20 KB
  6/5/2006 Download Now
17 - IM+ for Lotus Sametime, Series 60 version (1.0.1)
IM+ for Lotus Sametime is a powerful mobile instant messaging suite for Lotus Sametime and AOL Messenger.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 449 KB
  5/26/2006 Download Now
18 - HeadLine UIQ (1.22)
Keep up to date with the latest news with HeadLine - the mobile RSS NewsReader!
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 132 KB
  4/23/2006 Download Now
19 - IM+ Enterprise: Real Time Communication Suite for mobile phones & PC (Monthly licence for 10 users) (1.0)
IM+Enterprise is a corporate messaging suite that offers secure device-independent text and voice communication between mobile devices and desktop PCs.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 189 KB
  3/30/2006 Download Now
20 - IM+:ICQ/AOL/MSN/Yahoo/Jabber Instant Messenger for Series 90 phones (2.0)
With IM+ the most popular IM systems MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, ICQ and Jabber are available on your Series 90 phone
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 280 KB
  5/3/2006 Download Now
21 - SMS Spam Manager for UIQ (1.00)
No more SMS Spam! With SMS Spam Manager you can effectively filter all your incoming SMS messages. SMS Spam Manager stops the junk and unwanted SMS messages.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 49 KB
  5/19/2006 Download Now
22 - EQ3 Email (2005.1213)
Eatoni''s EQ3 Email is a powerful e-mail client completely converging a Qwerty keyboard with a telephone keypad.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 484 KB
  4/20/2006 Download Now
23 - Mobiola WebCam for Series 60 with USB support (1.0)
The first application that realistically turns your Symbian phone into a webcam and truly replaces your USB camera. Works over Data cable!
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 2.8 MB
  3/30/2006 Download Now
24 - Hide'n'Seek: An innovative call manager for Nokia 6600 (1.0)
An innovative soltuion that incorporates advanced features for instantaneous call handling to make sure that your phone stays absolutely silent for blacklisted numbers.
License: Shareware    OS: CE    Size: 21 KB
  4/15/2006 Download Now
25 - fring for UIQ (3.2)
Mobile VoIP & IM for Skype, Google Talk, MSN
License: Freeware    OS: CE
  11/11/2007 Download Now

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